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Nature is the theme
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Handmade cards

designed by upcycling vintage music sheets

Our New Christmas Arrivals

2 sizes available A5 cards 2.75 each or mixed 4 for £10. A6 cards are 2.25 each or 4 for £8.00. All packs come with a hand painted watercolour gift tag as a thank you. 

Nature Cards

Creating my interpretation of a selection of beautiful creatures we share our World with, by upcycling torn vintage music sheets and old book print.

Nature photos cards

The images of my A5 nature cards are captured on my travels in our Camper with our wildling dog. Nature and Charity go hand in hand with 20% of proceeds to Charity. 

Welcome to,  Nature is the theme

I would like to share with you my little range of nature is the theme cards, lovingly designed by upcycling vintage music sheets, paper and watercolour. These, alongside a selection of nature photo cards of our beautiful countryside and mighty sea snapped on my travels in our camper.

Reduce,Reuse & Recycle

All my cards are printed on 100% recyclable sustainable cards and are printed using vegetable-based inks.  All of the packaging is eco friendly including the jute, bee wrapping paper and tape.♻️

Our Story

Inspired by nature, being outside and travelling around the UK in our camper with our wildling Spaniel - yes she is all muddy paws and seaweed ears.  I find being outside with nature does not make you feel so alone.  It has a healing aspect that you can only experience when you are out there in it.

Creating animal, bird and nature-themed artwork using old battered music sheets, old books mixed with watercolour.  I use vintage paper, music sheets to create the animal/bird and I then add the watercolour to build the scene and overall image.

The Bee card is a pure watercolour inspired by our beautiful wildflower meadows.

I cannot stop snap, snap snapping away and I have produced a range of 8 photo cards from my travels around the UK.  From beach scenes to the countryside, animals and boats, anything that catches my eye.

At the centre of everything is charity - 20% of all my proceeds go to charity (after print costs).  This is the main driving force behind my venture, I want to give as much to charity as possible.